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Using Data to "Make a Case" for Mathematics Reform within a K-12 District


"Project PRIME, a targeted Math and Science Partnership focusing on K-12 mathematics within the Rapid City, SD school district, has made extensive use of data to provide key stakeholders with a sense of progress to date and to emphasize areas in need of additional attention. This paper highlights the most compelling findings thus far and includes discussion of the venues and processes used for sharing these data. Preliminary findings have been generated through analysis of 1) student performance on the state's multiplechoice test, 2) student performance on a free-response test developed by the Mathematics Assessment Resource Service, 3) classroom observation ratings, 4) student course-taking patterns, and 5) drop-out rates. Special attention has been paid to gaps and patterns associated with Native American versus non-Native American students. Reduction of race-related disparities represents a primary emphasis for the project. Responses of key stakeholders to the data and lessons-learned about using data to motivate and support reform are also addressed."